Do Your Patients Trust You?


   Susan Becolay (a fellow dental blogger) asked a question on LinkedIn the other day that had me thinking: "How would you characterize the transition that has occurred in the profession in the last 20 years? What has it gained? What has it lost? Where is it headed? How do you feel about it?"    Where … Read more

Because… “I Trust You”

Adult holding child's hand

"D” (not her real name, but will use to protect her identity) is a 13 year old girl that touched my heart and made me feel so blessed to be in a position to contribute to people’s health and well-being.  But this story has a much bigger message than just another dental appointment……. Read on … Read more

The Characteristics of an Excellent Organization

I was going through some old notes as I often do to reflect on what I’ve learned, and I found "The Characteristics of an Excellent Organization" by The Tremblay Group, Phoenix, Arizona. These were some of the things that interested me, even back in 1993!  It’s really interesting to see in an ever-changing world, some … Read more