For What Purpose

Man reaching goal

WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE? At first, you'd think I was asking some deep metaphysical, why do we exist, consequence-to-the-world kind of question.  Rather than go there, let's simplify it to …

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Oh…And Don’t Forget to CARE!

When people (like Judson) tell me, "I HATE DENTISTS", it makes me curious; there must be a good reason.  What concerned me was why Judson used those three words…. I …

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Dr. Checking Baby

David Ring was born DEAD for 18 minutes!    No oxygen to the brain for 18 minutes!    A miracle occurred ………..he lived! _____________________________________________________________ David Ring spoke on Saturday on …

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Annoying Your Patients?

Earlier this week, I was on a coaching call with my incredible mentor, Sandi Krakowski and 20 other students, when Maria (a student) told me she “fired” her dentist this week! …

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