For What Purpose

Man reaching goal

WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE? At first, you'd think I was asking some deep metaphysical, why do we exist, consequence-to-the-world kind of question.  Rather than go there, let's simplify it to more about meaning or motivation for an action; but, not as simple as an end result, an aim or a clear vision of a goal.  … Read more

Oh…And Don’t Forget to CARE!

When people (like Judson) tell me, "I HATE DENTISTS", it makes me curious; there must be a good reason.  What concerned me was why Judson used those three words…. I went to one of my favorite restaurants to grab a bite to eat night before last and watch the start of the Texas Rangers wooping … Read more


Dr. Checking Baby

David Ring was born DEAD for 18 minutes!    No oxygen to the brain for 18 minutes!    A miracle occurred ………..he lived! _____________________________________________________________ David Ring spoke on Saturday on the same stage as Zig Ziglar, Paul Martinelli, Paul B. Evans, David Frey and Joel Comm at Carrie Wilkerson’s Boss2010 event in Dallas.  I was … Read more

Annoying Your Patients?

Earlier this week, I was on a coaching call with my incredible mentor, Sandi Krakowski and 20 other students, when Maria (a student) told me she "fired" her dentist this week!  I could still hear the frustration in her voice when she was trying to explain what happened. She had mentioned that her dentist kept calling … Read more

Attitudes and Ambitions

"Say to yourself, 'I have certain attitudes and ambitions.  I also have friends and allies in these attitudes.  But what would happen to me if they suddenly withdrew their support of me?'  Do this and you will understand one kind of fear -the fear of standing all alone. But you _can_ stand all alone, which … Read more